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Face epilator reviews

Face epilator

Can we use epilator on face?

Most beauty advisor will tell you that you should “NOT” use epilators on the face because it hurts like hell, it’s not safe and that it would give disastrous results such as rashes, patches or cuts and some will also say that will increase ingrown hair or make your facial hair more thicker. So,...Can we Use Epilators On our Face?
Yes, we can use epilators on our face but it depends on various few factors such as epilator must be skin friendly, skin must be tolerant to facial hair removing stuff and depend on facial hair type too.

For best result I'm highly recommend to buy a good branded epilator and before epilating always make sure you clean it and sanitize it. Once I forgot and I got the worse breakout I ever had (seriously). It keep me away from it for about a year cause I was scared to use it again. I used it recently on my chin and got no breakouts, so I then went ahead and used it on my cheeks. Everything was ok, but I also recommend a patch test and some cortizone cream afterward. Remember this is a one time investment worth every penny so when you go for buying an epilator don’t even glance at the cheaper versions of epilators because their results won’t be good.

Face epilator reviews - What is the best epilator for the face?

I have search across the net and found two Affordable and Best Face epilator: Epilady EP-803-17 Face-Epil Facial and Sensitive Areas Epilator and Epilady Esthetic - Delicate Facial Epilator.

specifically designed for use on fine facial hair. It is light, strong and easy to operate. You need to remove all make-up and cream build-up before you start epilating. Hold the machine on your face so that it is touches your skin all the way down the head. The epilating happens on the inner loop of the coil. Hold the epilator and skim lightly over the epilated area. Do not press down on the skin. Pressing down will reduce efficiency, as it makes it virtually impossible for the epilator to grab the hair.
Manufactured by: Epilady
Model: Epilady Esthetic
Product ID: B002P8N7T6
3 based on 34 reviews
$39.95 New

Most Helpful Customer Reviews :

By S. Roumas - [Amazon Verified Purchase]
Well, got tired of my 8 year old telling me, "Shave your mustache Mom." I use Retin-A, so I can't wax or use hair removal cream. Having very, very fine clear hairs on my face, plucking would be a joke. This works okay. Not perfect, but definitely reduces the hair. It works better on longer hairs than short, but I believe if I use it more than 1 time a week, I'd be able to take care of those.

Tips -
Always use witch hazel before and after using (no ingrown hairs at all!)
Pull your skin taught or you won't get the little hairs & you may get hurt (my husband tried it on his ear hair and got his ear skin sucked in.....painful, but oh so funny!)
Put vaseline or aquafor on your lips after using witch hazel, when completely done.
If you possibly can, wait 30 minutes before moisurizing/putting on make-up.

Note: It hurt as much as I thought. But doing a little each day will get you used to it.
By Texas clean - [Amazon Verified Purchase]
I bought this for my mother, age 86. It still pulls the facial skin a bit but overall we are pleased.
By L. Link - [Amazon Verified Purchase]
I've been epilating my legs for well over 20 years, so thought this would work fine, no matter what others said. I've come to some conclusions as to conditions that are assumed before using this.

This is what I THINK (NOT a scientific opinion)
This is for people who haven't been using other methods of removing facial hair. I have been plucking and waxing facial hair for years, thus facial hair regrowth has been coarse and thick.

This epilator didn't work initially for me. It does now! I used my leg epilator (which is NOT recommended for facial use) on its lowest setting, in very quick strokes. I did this for several weeks, and now the hair regrowth is fine (not coarse) and is easy to remove with my epilator.

specifically designed for use on facial hair, or on sensitive areas (bikini, underarms, etc.). removes even the shortest and finest hairs, leaving skin smooth for up to 4-6 weeks. small and compact, the face epil easily fits in small bags, pouches, and purses. the face epil has 6 tweezers, finely tuned, to remove both coarse and fine facial hair, as well as body hair from sensitive areas. it is perfect for the upper lip, cheeks, and chin area.
Manufactured by: Epilady
Model: EP-803-17
Product ID: B004Z237VS
3 based on 21 reviews
$19.95 New

  • Specifically designed for use on facial hair and sensitive areas
  • Skin-friendly and hygienic
  • Lightweight and easy to operate & clean
  • Small epilating head ensures precise control
  • Operated by 1 aa battery (not included)

Most Helpful Customer Reviews :

By Silvia Nunez - [Amazon Verified Purchase]
I had been having more facial hair than I wanted and it had become unsightly. Waxing has too harsh for the sides of my face as I have very sensitive skin. I had been using tweezers on my upper lip and did not want to "shave". This was the perfect solution! No problems at all! Incredible because of how sensitive my skin is and having rosacea. After a couple of uses the facial hairs came out more easily. I highly recommend this epilator! I was hesitant when I ordered it, but having put it to the test; it proved to be just what I needed! It far exceeded my expectations!
By Caligal - [Amazon Verified Purchase]
I was pleasantly surprised at how good this works!! And now I wouldn't know what to do without it! Regular tweezers were a joke trying to get fine hairs! It's a bit uncomfortable to use at first, but no worse than waxing and you get used to it! A must have to get rid of those pesky facial hairs!!
By Seth Cox - [Amazon Verified Purchase]
With just a regular battery, this thing lacks power, but is able to hande sensitive spots. I would hesitantly recommend.

By Sandra Cones - [Amazon Verified Purchase]
For an inexpensive item, this did quite a good job. Have only used it twice. Expect the results to be better after several uses.
By CaralB - [Amazon Verified Purchase]
The product works but it seems very delicate, not what I expected. It doesn't catche thick gray hair, also the power button sometimes does not work well and I have to support it. 

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