Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Epilady Legend 4th Generation Epilator Review

Epilady Legend 4th Generation Epilator

Epilady Legend 4th Generation Epilator Hair Remover Plus Free Epilady Lady Coil Tweezer for Facial Hair Eyebrows Chin Etc Hair Removal System for Women.

Epilady Legend 4th Generation Review - We took all our customer input over the years and made our best epilator ever! Faster, smoother epilator head, improved electrical system, and improved gearing system. Epilady Coil Tweezer: "The coil tweezers are wonderful, especially for the eyebrows. One does not need to sit and take out one hair at a time as with regular tweezers so great to reduce the time taken. Great idea/invention and again thank you." This is what one user had to say about this great product. The Epilady Coil Tweezer makes tweezing much faster and easier. Its patented coil technology is easy to use, and works as fast as 12 tweezers to quickly, efficiently and carefully remove any unwanted hair. Epilady Legend 4th Generation Features ...
The Epilady Coil Tweezer is perfect for eyebrows, but can also be used on facial hair, arms, legs, bikini, and underarms. It is small and light, and removes the hairs by the root in one easy squeeze. You can put it in your purse, car or travel bag for use whenever you need a quick touch-up. The Epilady Coil Tweezer is great on its own, and makes a perfect compliment to any Epilady hair removal product! Special coil gripping action. Easy to operate - simply push coil lever upwards with your thumb. Release and pull. Small and compact - fits into any purse or pocket. 12 times faster than regular tweezers. Please note that this is a manually-operated device, so there is no need for batteries.

 Epilady Legend 4th Generation Features :

  • Epilator Kit includes adaptor, Perfect Angle Guide, cleaning brush, carrying case, instruction manual and FREE Epilady Coil Tweezer!
  • May be used corded or cordless. Charge lasts up to 60 minutes - enough for more than two full epilations.
  • May be used on the arms, legs, underarms, bikini, and face.
  • Epilator has two operating speeds!
  • PLUS FREE Epilady Coil Tweezer - Gentle Facial Hair Remover! Great for eyebrows, facial hair or a quick touch-up on the arms, legs, underarms or bikini line.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) :

I have waxed for years. For years I've put off buying an epilator. I so regret those years. So many times I shell out monney on a mechanical beauty product and it's a HUGE disappointment. THIS THING WORKS! WORKS GREAT!! I am using the epilady for the most intimate areas. As an older woman my skin has changed and the extreme exfoliation that comes along with waxing has become more of a problem. With the Epilady, there is NO sticky after mess, no other items to coordinate, and the pain is quick and even more tolerable than waxing...I think because the pulling of the entire skin surface is eliminated. You are pulling only one or a few hairs at a time as the surface tweezers roll along and quickly without skin contact more or less. And it can be very precise. Rather than having to pull an entire strip of hair off at a time, you can barely navigate it into the hair line and only pull as many as you want if the pain/feeling is uncomfortable you just stop. And it's so easy, if I want a quick retouch, it's very simple and FAST...no set up, no other items needed. I just can't say enough. I'm thrilled. Keep your skin pulled taut with your other hand (like two fingers) and I see barely any skin aggravation.
I ordered the first "Epilady" for my daughter, she had never tried this type of hair removal. After she had tried the waxing kit, I told her this would be a better choice since she has problems with thick hair. I asked if I could try her product to see if I would like the same. I ordered mine the same day and I absolutely love it. I would highly recommend this product to all who have used one. The seller was very quick in sending my order and I had it within 3 days-thank you and I appreciate the free items. I would highly recommend purchasing from this seller-stays on top of customer service. 

List Price : $89.95
Price        : $72.15
You Save  : $17.80 (20%)


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